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We´d like to say thank you. Thanks to everyone that contributed in any way to the success of our campaign on kickstarter. The fact that you support our project means a lot to us and shows, that you not only believe in the success of our project, but also in us. Thank you very much […]

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GlucoSentry: Press release

To everyone willing to help: Here you will find a link to our press-release: GlucoNightWatch Launches Intelligent Bracelet for Diabetes Control on Kickstarter Many thanks!

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GlucoSentry: A True Guardian of Diabetes

A smart bracelet that reads your FreeStyle Libre sensor and enables customizable alarms and on-demand readings via our GNW App   About Glusosentry is a smart bracelet that works with the FreeStyle Libre sensor, it logs and transmits readings from the sensor directly to your mobile device, enabling on-demand sugar readings and customizable alarms […]

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The GlucoNightWatch team is extremely grateful for the fantastic reception of our Diabetes Alarm Management App. The number of downloads and visits to our website has far exceeded our most optimistic expectations. So: Thank you very much! Although we try to respond to all the messages that come to us through the web and social […]

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After the fantastic response that GlucoNightWatch has received, including the help of numerous users (thank you!), we detected some things to improve. We happily announce that we already have incorporated the most important suggestions within the last update of the App and we encourage you to continue commenting about your experiences and suggestions for continuous […]

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