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We´d like to say thank you. Thanks to everyone that contributed in any way to the success of our campaign on kickstarter. The fact that you support our project means a lot to us and shows, that you not only believe in the success of our project, but also in us. Thank you very much […]

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GlucoSentry: Press release

To everyone willing to help: Here you will find a link to our press-release: GlucoNightWatch Launches Intelligent Bracelet for Diabetes Control on Kickstarter Many thanks!

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GlucoSentry: A True Guardian of Diabetes

A smart bracelet that reads your FreeStyle Libre sensor and enables customizable alarms and on-demand readings via our GNW App   About Glusosentry is a smart bracelet that works with the FreeStyle Libre sensor, it logs and transmits readings from the sensor directly to your mobile device, enabling on-demand sugar readings and customizable alarms […]

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