13. December 2017


After the fantastic response that GlucoNightWatch has received, including the help of numerous users (thank you!), we detected some things to improve.

We happily announce that we already have incorporated the most important suggestions within the last update of the App and we encourage you to continue commenting about your experiences and suggestions for continuous improvement.

First, we wanted to explain the process of uninstalling the App – as some of you have commented, that it has been complicated.

Unistalling GlucoNightWatch
The fact that the App can “wake up” the phone every 10 minutes to automatically perform periodic readings by activating the NFC, makes it necessary during the installation of the App to grant a few special permissions. Therefore, in order to uninstall it, you must access the Device administrators in the Settings menu, in the Security section, and deactivate the GlucoNightWatch App. Once this is done, you can now uninstall it like every other App.









Change units from mg/dl to mmol/l
We have also received numerous requests, that the App should show glycaemia in mmol/l. In the setup screen, there is now a control with which you can select the unit presentation. It’s that simple.

Reading errors in alarm mode
Depending on the model of your mobile phone and in particular with some Samsung models, some users have reported, that they absolutely had no problem reading the FreeStyle Libre Sensor in “reader mode”, but many times within the “alarm mode” they could not read it and a “reading error” was generated. This can be solved, by accessing the “select screen lock” option in the settings menu of your phone and assuring that the selected option is “none”.

Finally, several of you have asked this question:

Why is GlucoNightWatch’s glycemic value different from what is shown from the FreeStyle Libre reader or from the glucometer?
Simply because we chose to be very transparent with the shown glycaemia data. On the third page of the manual, you´ll find a section “AN HONEST EXPLANATION OF THE DATA SUBMITTED”, which explains, in detail, the reason why there may be differences:

We are happy and grateful of your involvement and to receive comments, questions, “thank you” messages and any other. Therefore, please continue!

GlucoNightWatch S.L.