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13. December 2017

GlucoSentry: A True Guardian of Diabetes

A smart bracelet that reads your FreeStyle Libre sensor and enables customizable alarms and on-demand readings via our GNW App



GNW bracelet proto

Glusosentry is a smart bracelet that works with the FreeStyle Libre sensor, it logs and transmits readings from the sensor directly to your mobile device, enabling on-demand blood sugar readings and customizable alarms with just a tap on the screen.



Help us to make this amazing prototype a real product

Render Gris

The final design of the bracelet will only add a few millimetres to the thickness of the FreeStyle Libre sensor, making it very comfortable to wear even under tight garments.

Easy to use
It will be configurable using our intuitive App, already trusted by over 3000 families.

preview mobile app

Our customizable alarm system has been available to the public since December 2016, and our families continue to rely on our GNW App, as it has proven to be reliable detecting and alerting alarm conditions day and night.


Convenient and money saving
Our aim is to produce a robust, long lasting product using high quality materials. The bracelet will use an internal rechargeable battery compatible with USB chargers. It will even act as a shield protecting your FreeStyle Libre sensor avoiding the need to replace the sensor due to accidental detachments.

Wear it 24 x 7, all day, all night
Our current battery tests already deliver 2 days of autonomy but we will try to push the limits to deliver a product you can wear all the time without even thinking that you are wearing it.

Bracelet demo

Blood sugar level readings can be seen directly on your phone, so no need to swipe a device over the FSL sensor anymore.

The data sent from the GlucoSentry bracelet will be signed and encrypted, ensuring the privacy and authenticity of your readings.

It just looks cool
Thanks to its interchangeable fabric bands and its sleek futuristic look you can match your style, or make it attractive to your teenager or small child with themed bands. We have lots of ideas for styles and themes but we want to hear from you.

Our First Website

Our mobile application GlucoNightWatch was born a year ago, it was conceived to meet the needs of some close friends, whose 9 years old daughter had developed Type 1 diabetes.

They had searched without success for an alarm system to help them reducing the risk of nocturnal hypoglycemia going undetected, as they were waking up every two hours to check glucose levels, but the available products didn’t provide a solution to their problem.

We ended up developing the free App GlucoNightWatch, an application for Android phones capable of periodically logging readings from the Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre blood glucose sensors using the NFC interface, and generating alarms sent to other phones for situations configured by the user.

The App was a true success, since we launched thousands of families have benefited from it, and we have received a lot of heartfelt messages of gratitude from parents all around the world.

However, although it has been a success, we believe that its adoption has been limited by the need to wear a mobile phone directly over the FreeStyle Libre sensor, as even with the smallest phones this can be bulky and uncomfortable.

Ten months ago, we decided to start developing a bracelet that could read the glucose levels from the FreeStyle Libre sensor and communicate via Bluetooth to the mobile phone.

We believe that this was the right approach to make the solution more accessible, it also allowed us to develop the GlucoNightWatch App to be compatible with both Android and Iphone devices.

The combined solution of bracelet and mobile app will be more comfortable to wear and more reliable for collection of data from the sensor, and will continue to benefit from our simple to use, proven and reliable App.

We already have a working prototype, and now we want to reduce its size and integrate it into an easy to wear band that can be comfortably worn all day and all night, a consumer grade product that will be a true guardian of your diabetes.

First Proto



We are a small team of professionals with a background in diverse technology areas related to telecommunications and IT. Our team bring experience in design and development of mobile Apps, development of antenna technology and control systems for drones, and is supported by a user group from our existing user base and medical specialists for product field testing and validation.

We are committed to making our monitoring solution available to more people and their families who have to manage diabetes on a daily basis.

The team

Juan Simó
Juan currently works as Technical Sales Manager for Datacom Infrastructure provider, but in his own time develops projects in design and development of communication and control systems for unmanned aircraft.

Miguel Hernández
Miguel is a computer science PhD. and software expert, and has extensive experience managing projects involving hardware and software integration.

Eduardo Escartí
Eduardo owns Navilo a company specialised in developing mobile Apps for both Android and IOS devices, and has developed several projects around medical wearable devices.

One Comment on “GlucoSentry: A True Guardian of Diabetes

Mark Bailey
25. January 2018 at 1:34

My nine year old son developed type 1 when he was 3 years old. Since using the freestyle libre system our management of his condition has greatly improved. Going forward the gluconightwatch has been the system I’ve been waiting for that will further improve the control of his condition. The night time is the period we have most problems with and this may well be the answer. Can not wait to try.


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