Your GNSentry is here!

The contents of the box are showed in the following photo:


  • GNSentry.
  • MicroUSB cable.
  • SIM extractor: We use it, as we will explain later, to turn on, off and reset the GNSentry.
  • Straps: There are three sets of straps that adapt to any arm size.

In the image you can see the three straps in detail and  how we have put the GNSentry in the largest strap, so you can see how it should be placed.


First thing you need to know is that your GNSentry arrived in a turned-off state.

To turn it on, simply insert the pin in the hole and it should blink 4 times in green. Plugging it to an USB also turns it on.


If you insert the pin again, you should see it blinking 4 times in red, this means it is turning itself off.

If you plug it to your USB it should blink rapidly 3 times in green and then:

– If it slowly blinks in RED it means it is charging

– If it slowly blinks in GREEN it means it is fully charged and you can plug it off.



If needed, you could cut the excess Velcro.

Atención: When you put on your next FreeStyle Libre, we recommend that you think about how you sleep, and be careful of where you place it for avoiding crushes.

Then, download the application on your mobile:


GlucoNightWatch S.L.