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Android App Installation

After downloading the application on Google Play, you will open it, and we will find the following screen. You must enter an email and a password.

The password must contain at least 1 of the following special characters:! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + {} “:; ‘ ]. If  not elegible, the application will tell it to you with a message and will not let us continue ahead.

You will fill all the fields in, and you will read and mark the three selectors referring to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer.

Last, click on Register.

















And you will get the following message:


















Please see if you have received the message. If you can not find the e-mail, please also check your spam folder.

Click on “Activate” to access the following screen:








Thus, you have activated your user and can go back to the application. If you receive the e-mail and have activated our e-mail address, you click on “already confirmed”, otherwise on “resend”.

Now you will get to the following screen, and you have to decide what role you will have in the app: Whether you need direct access to the GNSentry or you want to connect to the GNSentry in carer mode. Keep in mind that in order to install the application in this mode, FreeStyle Libre and GNSentry user must first have the application installed in local mode, and then it will be able to connect.















Go to the Application guide on Android link.

Go to the local mode guide in Android link.

Go to the carer mode guide en Android link.

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