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local mode iphone

After configuring the application by registering the mail user and password as we have seen in the installation manual of the application, the next thing in this case is to install the application in local mode.


















The next screen shows the GNSentry devices that are near the mobile, and allows us to choose ours.


















We must click on the name and we will be already connected. On the next screen you can see that a first reading has been made:


















In the lower part we have a menu with options, if we click on the tool, we will go to the configuration menu, where we can modify the alarms.

















In the main screen, on the right top, we will find the connection icon, which can have any of the following three states:





The one on the left, means that we are not connected yet to a GNSentry. We can connect by clicking on the icon.

The blue color indicates that we are in the process of connecting to a GNSentry.

Finally, the green color indicates that we are connected. In this case, in addition, in the top of the screen we can see the remaining percentage of the GNSentry battery and at the bottom of the screen, the left days to the sensor.

Once connected, the sensor readings are made automatically every 5 minutes. We can sometimes observe in the graphs there are readings with less than 5 minutes of difference, it could be due to the fact that the bluetooth connection has been lost. The loss of connection and subsequent recovery of it, causes a reading.

Also, if we want a specific reading, we can do it by clicking on the blood drop icon on the screen.

The blood drop icon, in which GLUCEMIA will be indicated, will be green if the reading is between the limits that the user has set, but it will be in red if the limits have been exceeded.

Note on Bluetooth: This technology allows easy connection, but there are different elements that make it difficult to connect, for example, the human body is a barrier to this type of connection. In addition, mobile phones may have losses of connection after many days or weeks connected to a same bluetooth device, in that case it is recommended to restart the phone and the GNSentry.

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