Navilo, the developers of GlucoNightWatch: "A project with spirit"

4. June 2018

GlucoNightWatch: “A project with spirit”

Today the Internet of Things (IoT) influences many areas of human activity and allows the recording of certain data with instruments in a precise way, which can have a positive effect on different daily situations. 

GNSentry, an example of health care with IoT. To date, the detailed control of diabetes has shown obstacles for patients, carers and even for professionals. We all had to find out that the time and resources of the health care system are limited (sadly), and we often have to wait patiently for results of analyses and controls. Furthermore, the communication between the two parties, patient and professional, is not always ideal. Who of us has not left the doctors consultation with doubts wondered what he just had been told? Precisely for these reasons, applications on our smartphones and wearables that we can always wear, will change everything. For doctors, with a good digital record, this will over time not only simplify the decisions, but the use of this information with other specialists will be particularly helpful. Devices that take care of monitoring levels can also be user-defined for each user and alert them as soon as these limits are exceeded.

All this makes even more sense when we talk about chronic diseases such as diabetes that require permanent observation. At the same time, however, these people are not limited from leading a normal life as long as everything is under control. That is why, at Navilo, we would like to see it when we make a decision in this area. Although there are other motives and reasons behind our working philosophy.

“We develop to the service of humanity and with intuitive designs, accessible to everyone” , Navilo.

A project with Spirit: Our friends are our source of inspiration

The basic idea was to make our contribution to an area of technology that we find exciting: caring for people and improving their quality of life. The digitalization of these monitoring systems enables an easier life and automates tasks that had to be done manually.

The final impulse came with the diagnosis diabetes of a friend´s son. In order to manage the new life situation better, they were looking for a system that controlled blood glucose levels at night and monitored them before the danger of a risky Hipoglycemia without having to control every two hours.

Our answer – GlucoNightWatch

An app for Android systems is supposed to be the solution to this widespread problem, which is not available for everyone yet, but soon will be for all smartphones and free of charge. In combination with Abbott’s freestyle libre sensor, the most widely used on the market, the app performs controls every 10 minutes and alerts the user or caregiver at any moment of possible hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. The limit values on which affected people have to be alarmed can be registered individually and be both, local and remote via SMS or call.

Of course, from the first sketch to the final app, it was a stony road on which we were confronted with not only a few technical obstacles. With the design of the user interface, readings of the NFC and a flawless function of the alarms which can be navigated without specific knowledge, the project GNW offers a lot of variety. 

Since its introduction on the market, we have noticed that GNW has served its purpose and has helped many people around the world to make diabetes management easier and lead a carefree life.

Today there are other similar applications and devices on the market, but we are still excited that so many people sending us messages, expressing their gratitude and comment that for them our app is still, the most reliable, and most complete. No other app in the sector offers so many features as GNW does.

Nevertheless, we have not stopped to develop and innovate

After a short satisfaction of the completed work, we soon realized that GlucoNightWatch has further potential. The inconvenience of having to carry the smartphone on your arm to get the measurements from the sensor is to be amended. That’s why we decided to take another step and start developing a smart portable wristband for the sensor, which transmits readings via bluetooth to a mobile device.

This accessory we call GlucoSentry, and will work in combination with GNW and the FSL sensor to completely automate the regular glucose checkups, and is one of our great targets for 2018. At this point, we have working prototypes and only have to adjust the last settings so that the compatibility with the app will be perfect. The app will be available for android and iOS for free. Also a personalized design that each user can choose depending on his taste will be possible. All in all, the bracelet that is to be launched in September 2018 should be as comfortable and discreet as possible.  

There´s no doubt that GNW and Navilo will continue their collaboration and are going to surprise us with interesting projects.

GlucoNightWatch S.L.