GNW | GlucoSentry - Thanks for the great Feedback!

13. December 2017


The GlucoNightWatch team is extremely grateful for the fantastic reception of our Diabetes Alarm Management App. The number of downloads and visits to our website has far exceeded our most optimistic expectations. So: Thank you very much!

Although we try to respond to all the messages that come to us through the web and social networks, we are a bit overwhelmed. Therefore we wanted to make some clarifications to the questions that have generated more queries.

Is it uncomfortable sleeping with the phone on the arm with a bracelet?
After having slept with the mobile more than 20 nights during the tests of the App, when I was wearing FreeStyle Libre sensors, I can say that you don’t even notice. Later, the different users who tried the App confirmed this point to us, and since we have made it public we have continued to receive positive comments about it.

Could you do the same with an NFC-capable smartwatch, so you do not have to wear something so bulky?
There is already a reader based on smartwatch, but in our experience, in addition to having to buy another device, the installation is not at all obvious, and the system is designed to generate only alarms that warn the user himself. With GlucoNightWatch we were looking for a system accessible to everyone, as simple and reliable as possible, that did not need any complex setup, and with the capacity to generate local alarms, but mainly remote, and in the simplest possible way: making a call to the mobile of the parents or caretakers, without having to install anything in the mobile receiver of the alarms. In addition, the ability to generate Error Reading alarms if any failure occurs, or even in case of low battery, were for us indispensable requirements so that users could really trust our App.

Can adult diabetics use GlucoNightWatch?
Of course! Although the origin of the development of GNW was to generate alarms on the telephone of the parents of diabetic children, we added the local alarm option precisely for adult or autonomous users, so that in case of nocturnal hypo/hyperglycaemia their own telephone wakes them up . In addition, we know several adult users who use the App even during the day, to monitor their glucose level while they play sports.

Can GlucoNightWatch be used to receive alarms throughout the day?
Obviously yes, but this would involve wearing the mobile over the FreeStyle Libre sensor all day long by means of a bracelet. While in our opinion this is not annoying to sleep, wearing the mobile in the arm during all the daytime activity does not seem the best solution.

For this reason, we are working on the development of an NFC reader of a minimum thickness, which without having to place the mobile on the glucose sensor could communicate with it. The goal is making this NFC reader so light and thin that it can be carried for 24 hours over the FreeStyle Libre sensor, even under tight clothes. We look forward to announcing the progress of this development in the near future.

We will keep on reporting. Merry Christmas!

GlucoNightWatch S.L.