25. May 2018


We´d like to say thank you. Thanks to everyone that contributed in any way to the success of our campaign on kickstarter.

The fact that you support our project means a lot to us and shows, that you not only believe in the success of our project, but also in us. Thank you very much for that.  

Besides that, we would like to give you an update of the latest developments of our Project, that is now finished on Kickstarter:  

  • The preparation of the entire infrastructure before the production of the prototypes is finished, our predictions are that we will meet the announced deadlines, as long as not too many unforeseen obstacles appear. However, we will keep you informed.
  • Regarding the possibility that GlucoSentry is water resistant, we had a financing target of €180,000 at the beginning of our campaign. However, as the demand was very high, and a survey has confirmed that many of you are only interested in a waterproof bracelet, we have lowered this to €56,000. With the current financing results and the fact that we have not reached the €56,000, we will calculate the costs and possibilities accurately and do everything possible for a water-resistant GlucoSentry. 

Very soon we will contact every backer regarding delivery address and further details of the delivery. 

The GlucoNightWatch Team

GlucoNightWatch S.L.