The first validation of the new bracelet - GNSentry

22. August 2018

The first validation of the new bracelet

Sorry that this update has taken a little bit longer but last week was a really hard week with tons of hours worked. We received on Monday our first production prototype boards and we started doing the validation. This includes:

1. Physical aspects (size, form, weight)
2. Hardware design
3. Battery consumption
4. Overall software behavior 

After a non-stop working week we have some good news and some bad news. Lets start with the bad ones.


– We discovered a flaw in our design that was responsible for a small battery drain that prevented us from hitting the so promised 7 day battery time.
– This meant that we had to re-design some small aspects of the board and launch a second production batch with the modifications resulting in up to 4 Weeks delay.
– What does this mean for you, dear backers? This means, that we very sadly have to announce that the Super Early Bird backers will receive their GNSentry rather by the end of September, maybe start of October. Please bear in mind, that we will speak today with the manufacturing company and we don’t have specific dates yet.
– The specific delay for the rest of the backers has to be determined, but we are fairly confident that we will catch up and deliver the November units on time.

We are really sorry for this, but we take the development of this product very seriously and we are aiming for very high standards of quality and durability. We are trying to cut the delay as much as possible and even paying extra money to our supplier for speed because we now how important it is for you to receive your bracelets as soon as possible.


– Our batteries got certified by the certifying authority.
– After the proof of concept modifications of the board we are consistently hitting the 7 day battery life of the prototypes.
– With the extra time we gained and thanks to all the feedback we modified our app to be able to remotely monitor up to 3 people at once.
– Apps for iOS and Android will be available when the Super Early Bird backers receive their bracelets. (See screenshot of new dashboard below)


We validated the form and size of our device and we are super proud to release the firs picture of the final aspect and size of our bracelet. It is smaller and lighter than we anticipated. Please bear in mind, that this just a 3D printed prototype in black and is not produced with the final material. The final casing will be white and of a more durable plastic.



– We are working on our web shop to allow people to buy bracelets but we didn’t want to publish it until we knew a specific and realistic date when we could deliver the newly sold units.
– The GNSentry bracelet will be renamed GNSentry in order to avoid misunderstandings. GNSentry stands for “GlucoNightWatch NFC Sentry”.

We thank all of our supporters wholeheartedly and we are working as hard as we possibly can to shorten delivery dates while maintaining the highest quality possible.

GlucoNightWatch S.L.